Saturday, 4 February 2012

Friday Vintage Styles

Friday vintage styles... On Saturday. Time yesterday flew right past me and I had no time to find something awesome. Good thing I waited, I had the most bizarre dream which included Victorian tattooed people. Don't ask, it was quite strange. Nevertheless, I did some research the second I got up and found some amazing pictures! Though I have none, I find tattoos can be so interesting. I could never commit, I think, to one image on my body forever, but I congratulate the people who can and who do it well. Anyway, here are some vintage tattoos. Now talk about out the norm...

This photo is from the store linked above. I love it! This Victorian lady was photographed circa 1880s.. This picture is as rare as they get! It's amazing, really.

I love this photo! I found this one on a random google search. I love it! The guys look so great.

These tats are.. interesting.

How cool is the boat on the guys chest?? I'm not sure how old these pictures are, but I love them!