Monday, 9 January 2012

Between Night and Day: Costume #1 Part 2

Not the perfect picture or styling of this dress, but it isn't done yet! I'm simply happy the skirt is attached to the bodice!! The fabric was so difficult to work with, I was scared it had stretched somewhere, somehow. In the end, all was good. As you can see, the hem isn't finished nor is the yoke on the shoulder. I need to fit the actress before I can finish either. As for the belt, it also needs to be finished. I haven't finished turning it on the right side but, when I do, it'll be about double the length and will go twice around the waist. I'm expecting to have it done by next Monday. 

I also spent the better part of my day in thrift stores to find inexpensive, 1940's-looking sweaters and cardigans. In the end, I found 3 sweaters and 2 faux-fur coats for the girl characters. Great finds for only 80$ :) The coats are at the dry cleaners and the shirts are in the washing machine, but I'll have them up for you to see asap! 

Crossing my fingers it'll fit my actress like a glove! 

Once again, here is the pattern available for order from my Etsy shop!