Thursday, 19 January 2012

Between Night and Day: Costume #2 Part 2

I've been swamped with school and the play! I'm glad to finally post something quick on here :) ... Even though I'm wasting precious homework time. Anyway, I haven't put any updates for this costume because I did it practically over night and rushed it to rehearsal. It's not finished, it needs to be hemmed and snaps need to be put in. I also have to find some kind of belt to put at the waist.. I don't know what kind of belt and I sure hope something jumps out at me soon! Here is the dress as is after fitting the actress;

Picture is a bit bright, but you can sort of see the trim detail at yoke. 

For information on the play, click the link below! Check it out even if you are not in the Montreal region.. The poster is worth the click!