Thursday, 5 January 2012

Between Night and Day: Costume #1

Hi everyone!
I haven't been very active on here because I've been SLAVING away on this costume. This is my first post for the play I'm producing and designing; 'Between Night and Day'. It was written by an English lit graduate student at Concordia University here, in Montreal. With this play, my friend Michael Belcher brings us back to post-WWII Hollywood. Within the first minute of this play we are thrown back in this world where we meet wonderful and complex characters.. It is my job to make this play look good. This makes me nervous. Nevertheless, I'm confident it'll look and be great in the end! :)

Here are the first few pictures of the first dress I've been sewing. This one is for a lively character named Evelyn. This woman is an actress and is best friend to the main character, Rose. Because our budget is practically non-existant, all female characters in this play are getting one dress and are being accessorized with inexpensive cardigans and jewelry to change up the outfits from scene to scene.

Let me know what you guys think!
Oh and I've been using Butterick pattern B5281 from my Etsy shop!

Meet my sewing machine.. It's gone through a lot in this past year and a half of costume school. Poor thing! 

This is, obviously, only the top part of a knee-length dress. The red threads on the shoulder are where snaps will go. The first shoulder tuck also needs to be fixed. This fabric is awful to work with. Polyester + Spandex. It can't be ironed and stretches just a tad too much. I'm only using it because it'll be comfortable for the actress to move in.


  1. I like the color! What time period is the play set in? Is it contemporary? Good luck; can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Thanks! The play is set in the later 1940s. This dress pattern, to be precise, is from 1946.

  3. This is gorgeous! I do very little sewing but I love it. Sewing clothing is the hardest - great job!

    via Blogging Buddies